Friday, January 31, 2020

Pilinut Essay Example for Free

Pilinut Essay Our company engages into pilinut business. Pili tart is a very profitable product, it has the so called 3C’s of Bicol pili nut: Competitive (market); Capability (financial); and Capacity (production) (Melchor A Aguilar). Because the Philippines is the only country where the fruit has market. No other country process pili in commercial quantity, meaning, we have the monopoly of processed pili in the foreign market, this kind of business has a very high potential of being successful especially if it will engage in exporting. There are many producers and processors of pili tart in the Bicol region, but this will be very few compared to the world market. Only few of these processors are into exporting business. Pili are very nutritious even as confection. Nutritionally, the kernel is high in calcium, phosphorous, and potassium, and rich in fats and protein. (DOST), so there is no issue to health concious. Our products will be of superior quality associated with the right price so that almost every body can afford it. We will produce product using ingredients of high quality so that it is guaranteed to be tasty and delicious. We will provide products that are not health and environmental hazard but instead a pilinut product that everyone can enjoy and environmental friendly that undergo in the right procedure. We will produce different pilinut products that are best for export, which does not easily spoil, and remain fresh even on long period of time. Pilinut for ordinary people may not be so important, but for a business person like us, pilinut has a long way to go and has a very large market to serve. Profit from this business may be abundant due to the monopoly of the products. We can start at a small capital but the comeback will be great. In not more than three years, we will regain our investment from this business and still continue to grow.

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